Mavericks Re-Organize for

 Hey Mavericks - Current and New:
Our community club will be going through a few changes of leadership.  We are going through a changing of the guard as they say to continue the fun and traditions of the Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Club.  This will not affect any members, but may create new opportunities.  Our 2019-20 Calendar is being drafted now with the County dates and proposed events.  If you have any ideas about the upcoming year, contact your leader or Cindy Martin.  Your ideas are always welcome.
Stay tuned for things to come!

Never Too Early to Start Your Recordbook!
Due to Leader May 25th
Thank you all to turned them in!

It's never too early to start working on your recordbook, but it can be too late. May gets busy with final, year-end parties and events and it is hard to find time to focus on completing your recordbook. You're recordbook is key to qualifying for future 4-H and other scholarships, awards and can also be a requirement to compete in such events as County Finals.

This year the Recordbook Forms are all on one easy access site through the Maricopa County Extension Website.  Instructions, as well as, application for 4-H National Congress can be found there.  Be sure to save the form to your hard drive and test that it has saved your data entry before you go to far and find you have lost your data (lesson from the past.)

Recordbooks are due to your project leader by: May 25th by 5pm - Saturday

They are due to County by May 28th by 5pm - Tuesday

This allows time for corrections if necessary.  The leader will take all recordbooks to the county if they are turned in on time.

To get started go to: (Save to your hard drive before you start to type or else it will not save your work)

Complete Both Portions

Member Portion:

Project Portion:

Congress Application Cover Sheet:


Email or call your leader for help, if you need it.  Good luck and go to it!

If the link does not work from here, cut and paste it into your browser.

Fall into 4-H 
Join the Herd!
2019-20 Around the Corner

Welcome to the 15th Year of the Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Club - Located in Tempe, Arizona

Sorry. Club Registration is now closed for the 2018-19 4-H Year.

Contact one of the project leaders listed below to be put on the list for next year or to be a guest at a meeting to learn more.  Registration for 2019-20 starts in August of 2019.



The 4-H Online enrollment system is now available for 2017-2018 enrollment!

All members and leaders may now enroll for the next 4-H year at  Please read the Arizona 4-H, 4HONLINE HELPS Welcome letter at

New members this year?  Arizona 4-H has provided an help sheet for new families which can be found online at

No Dues will be paid online.  Make dues payment to: Buena Vista Mavericks.  Give your dues to perspective leader of your project.  Each project will have different dues.

Have problems logging in or finding your account?  Please contact Sheri Semones - Administrative Asst for registration and general 4-H questions.  Email or call at 602-827-8275.

For more information about Buena Vista Mavericks 4-H Club: Contact Key Leader, Andrea Cottrell at

Letter from Key Leader, Andrea Cottrell

Dear Prospective 4-H Members and Families 

I am excited to announce that our 4-H club is growing! What started out as a horse project over 13 years ago, has evolved into a 4-H Community Club with a variety of projects offered.  We are so very grateful to the Buena Vista Ranchos neighborhood and board members for their continued support over the years. We look forward to having even more kids join us!

Below is a list of the projects being offered for the upcoming year.  The 4-H year officially begins October 1st and activities are scheduled through May.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the leaders listed below for more information. They are excited to start the new year!

Buena Vista Mavericks Community Club Projects

**Members may join more than one project.  Maricopa county 4-H collects $25 per each member’s primary project. Additional projects have no county fee but will have a local club fee for activity expenses.


Meets to ride twice each month October - May. Focus is on riding fundamentals in both western and english disciplines as well as horse care. Horses not provided and horse-less members welcome. Many leadership, educational (including local equine professional clinics) and community service opportunities available. Fun competitions and a great group of kids and adults who love horses.

Leader: Andrea Cottrell (

Annual Dues: Primary County project dues $25, $30 club dues, $20 arena fee

Contact Andrea if interested.

Entrepreneurship (Biz Kid$)

Meets once a month to learn about fundamentals in owning a small business.  Guest speakers as well as 4-H curriculum taught.  2-4 events each year supporting member’s small businesses as well as collective opportunities. Dynamic group that provides great opportunities for members to explore creative ways to make money.

Leader: Katy Holditch (

Annual Dues: Primary County project dues $25, $5 club dues.

Organizational Meeting; Thursday, Sept 14. Contact Katy if interested.


Meets twice each month on Sundays at 4 p.m. at the BVR park Ramada.   Teaches youth how to feed, care for and keep a dog healthy; groom and train their dog; and be a responsible dog owner. Activities include basic skills like identifying dog breeds, grooming and parts of a dog to training, service dogs, dog roles and careers related to dogs. A new project with the club. Come and play with your dog!

Leader: Shari Petersen (

Annual Dues: Primary County project dues $25, $20 club dues

Food & Nutrition

The Great British Baking Show comes to BVR!  New project will meet twice each month. You will do fun experiments, prepare recipes, and go on fact-finding missions. You’ll have fun learning about food ingredients, food characteristics, nutrition and food safety in a hands-on approach.

Leader: Cindy Martin (

Annual Dues: Primary County project dues $25, Additional fees based on items selected to prepare (estimated $5 per month).

Organizational Meeting:Tuesday, Sept 12. Contact Cindy if interested.


Meet once a month to learn new crafts, generate new product ideas for your business, have fun and possibly show something at the Fair. Many of the events will be held at the County Extension office with other 4-H groups from across the Valley.

Leader: Linda Lee 

Annual Dues: Primary County Project Dues $25, 4-H County Extension Office craft sessions estimated at $5pp, $ for other craft events will be based on location/activity chosen by members.

Other projects may be registered on an independent development basis.  

Grateful to the Buena Vista Ranchos neighborhood and board members for their continued support over the years. We look forward to having even more kids join us!

We are always looking for parents to become new certified leaders.  Ask us how.

Looking forward to new members and an incredible year of fun and learning!

Most of the Maverick Herd of 2017-18

Meet Your Maverick Leaders

Andrea Cottrell - Horse - Key Club Leader

Heather Patterson -Horse Advisory Committee Parent Rep & Co-Leader Horse/Biz Kid$

Linda Lee - Small Stock Leader & Projects Support

Katy Holditch - Entrepreneur (Biz Kid$) Project Leader

Nancy Nesky - Co-Leader

Shari Petersen - Dog Project EIEE, Training & Proficiency

Cindy Martin - Cooking, Food and Nutrition Project Leader

Meet your New Buena Vista Mavericks Leaders:  Andrea Cottrell holds the reins of the Mavericks horse club this year and acting as key contact leader for the club.  She loves spending time with kids on and off horseback and is an excellent organizer.  She is saddling up for the challenge of 2017-18  Heather Patterson will be co-serving as the Horse Advisory They also assist in horse event coordination and Biz Kid activities. Linda Lee is leading the Craft this year, as well as, supporting the club with crafting projects, raffle basket organization and Biz Kid events and county fair entries.   Katy Holditch is leader of the Maverick Biz Kid$ Entrepreneur Club where kids establish their own business, sell products and work together in collective business activities to earn money, learn about finances and take pride and responsibility in business ownership.  Nancy Nesky has served as the Horse Advisory Committee Parent teamed with her daughter Olivia.  Nancy is also instrumental in organization of events including refreshments and Biz Kid events. Shari Petersen is a certified leader who will be starting up a Dog Project Club and also provides proficiency testing,  EIEE coaching,  clinics and individual lessons to 4-H members who want to hone their riding skills beyond riding meetings. New to Mavericks will be Cindy Martin with the Food and Nutrition Project (Cooking).  She is a retired elementary school teacher and is excited about teaching members the ins and outs of cooking, food safety and hospitality.  With capable leaders like these, you know Maverick are going to an outstanding year of fun and accomplishments

Leading with Love.

Service and Surf
Biz Kid$ Charity Trip to San Diego

Service (etc..)

It was an amazing weekend in San Diego with Biz Kid$ Olivia, Maddie, Mia C. Yula, & Sydney along with Biz Moms Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Bucholtz, Mrs. Wickelgren & yes, Mrs. Holditch.  The trip theme was Service and Surf.  These members were the representative effort of the club’s past year’s charity tax collection for food pantry, Special Delivery San Diego.  As it turns out the food pantry was just a 30 minute walk from where the club stayed in Hillcrest/Balboa Park area.  It could not have been more convenient.  The members and moms spent Friday morning packing food sacks, repackaging egg cartons, rolling donated change, sorting paper and other miscellaneous tasks to help the operation of the food pantry distribution.

Afterward the club sat down with Special Delivery’s founder and Café owner (The Huddle), Ruth Hendricks and learned about her efforts in establishing the charity.  The organization was just a small shop next her family café that has shelves for bagged food, prep kitchen for individual meals and a special back dining room that also serves as a sorting area and a meeting place for AA meetings in the evenings. Ruth was very interested in the girls and what their business projects were all about.  She told the girls that when she was raising her family in Illinois, she too was a 4-H leader and taught cooking.  She showed the girls the well-worn 4H cookbook that she still uses to this day in her café.  This was a very amazing 4-H touchpoint for all of us. 

As an entrepreneurship club, we asked her about her challenges and joys of running a business.  She said that keeping well-trained employees was one of the hardest challenges, but having her family be a part of the business and the charity was a joy.

Sydney Wickelgren, the inspiration for the charitable trip, presented Ruth a donation check for $550 from the club.  Ruth was awestruck that is was such a large amount for a 4-H club to provide.   We all had a group Huddle Hug before we left and felt very fulfilled about our experience.

Surf etc…

On Friday afternoon Mavericks headed to Balboa Park to the museum of Natural History, site seeing and dancing about. On Saturday, morning they spent the day shopping (market research), riding bikes, and bouncing in the waves. Saturday afternoon took them to the Martin’s boat in the marina and to the Hyatt Water Fun Park. The girls enjoyed a ride in the dingy with Mr. Martin to see the harbor sea lions up close. 

Sunday, the girls unanimously voted to stay another full day (after getting it cleared with the homefront) and spent a casual day back on the beach catching rays & waves on boogie boards.  Moms enjoyed the kickback day as well.  With seeming endless energy, they ended the evening walking around Seaport Village eating delicious ice cream.  Beds then met sleepy heads at the lovely home in Balboa Park with the robot toilet (Toto).  But that’s another story.

All agreed to make an effort to do a group charity trip again next year.

Maverick Biz Kid$ Executive Officers


President - Robin Lee

Vice President - Mia Castillo

Secretary - Sydney Weckelgren

Treasurer - Ellen Liebig

Minding Their Own Business!

Read below about some of our

previous events and fun.

Maricopa County Horse Finals 2016

Mavericks rock the county at the Maricopa County Horse Finals this year.  Under the leadership of Key Leader, Andrea Cottrell Mavericks really showed up by volunteering, donating and riding/participating in each discipline over three days of fun, sun, wind and dust.

Congratulation to all county final qualifiers and to the moms and dads who support the club in so many ways.  We love our Mavericks Family!


BVR Equipment Clean-Up

    On October 12 at the Buena Vista Arena, our members jumped in "boots first" when they washed and repainted standards, poles, jump cups, and more at the annual BVR Equipment Clean-Up. Overall, the 4-H club is very fortunate to enjoy many of the opportunities that the neighborhood offers and organizing just a few hours of community service shows our gratitude. Thank you to all those who participated or donated supplies and we hope to see even more of you at our upcoming community service events.

Come have a "Hay Day" at 
Camp Maverick!

    Are you ready for two fun-filled days  of horses, games, community service, and more? Then make sure to mark your calendar from 6 p.m. on September 18th to 11 a.m. on the following day because the long-awaited Camp Maverick is just around the corner! This event is a time to meet other people, celebrate our club, and simply enjoy ourselves. If you plan to attend, as you certainly should, don't forget to bring your sleeping supplies, your club dues, your passport, and your biggest, brightest smile! After all, who wouldn't be happy about all the riding, crafts, food, and other goodies that we have planned? Remember, you are required to register yourself as a 4-H member before the event and you must also RSVP using the handy google form provided in the Tuesday email. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to start off on the right boot for the 2015-2016 4-H year!

Website Wonder!

Hay everybody! Malo recently composed an amazing article about his first year in 4-H and it is posted right here on the website. Remember, your communication experiences are very important for your record books (and life in general). Great job, Malo! You can check out the article under "News/Events" and then "Member Articles" or you can click on the link below. Enjoy!

A Year to We Gallop Into the Next!

Maverick Biz-Kid$ (Entrepreneur Project)

Mavericks open Entrepreneurship as a second project.  Members develop and run their own business.  House sitting Petsitting, Babysitting, Baking, Tutoring, Crafts - you name it.  The name of the game is "Earn by Doing", says Katy Holditch, Project Leader.  Check Calendar for Meeting times and to see the Biz Kid$ Directory

Click Here

BVM Small Stock Club

Buena Vista Mavericks Small Stock Rocks!

This year Linda Lee will be leading the Small Stock Club with assistance from Linda Lee. This group will meet separately from the BV Mavericks horse group and will focus on poultry, rabbit, cavy (guinea pig), and  pygmy goats, pigeons. Topics covered include general care, history, anatomy, selection, housing and equipment, records, nutrition, health, reproduction, grooming and

Next meeting: Check Calendar or Linda Lee

If you are interested in joining or have expertise, please contact Linda Lee @

BV Sponsored Horse De-Spook-a-thon - 2014!

Mavericks  4-H Awards - Top Notch

Winning Smiles at 4-H

Awards Night

Maverick pride abounds finishing another award winning year for the club.  Notably, 9 year member, Sarah Holditch shared the award of 2014 Maricopa County 4-H Member of the Year with 2 other club winners Joshua Slade (Lehi 4-H); Jayme Smith (Queen Creek 4-H).  This makes it the 4th year in a row a Maverick has won 4-H Member of the Year!  Our members are doing something right for sure.  In addition, Hannah Schaefer, Gabrielle Petersen and Sarah Holditch were awarded the Sharon O'Donnell Franklin Scholarship. The BVM Club received the Purple Merit award for accomplishing 20 set goals by the county.  Member awards were given in many categories such as passports, recordbooks, camp participation, speech contests, EIEE contests, national event participation, scrapbook, and scholarship recognition.  Maverick award winners were: Anna Tesch, Madeline Cottrell, Emily Brzezinski Molly Brzezinski, Nicci Fickett, Heather Gerald Brittany Gerald, Sarah Holditch  , Vivienne Lebig,  Chloe McQueen, Carys McQueen Gabrielle Petersen, Jamie Zahn, Hannah Schaefer, Haley Zipay.  Well-deserved honors for each of you and congratulations to all of the winners. 

Special Congratulations  go out to· Leaders Of The Year – Carolyn Diana (Zoo Crew 4-H) and Erin Robinson (Desert Hills Wranglers 4-H)
· Family Of The Year – The Rudolfo Family of Arizona Explorers 4-H

Congratulations 2014 Scholarship Recipients

4-H Foundation Scholarship

County Finals Scholarship

Maverick Senior Book Scholarship

Molly Brzezinski

Brittany Gerald

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Haley Zipay

Sharon O'Donnell Franklin Scholarship

Sarah Holditch

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Emily Brzezinski

Madeline Cottrell

Zoe Dailey

Nicci Fickett

Heather Gerald

Sarah Holditch

Chloe McQueen

Olivia Nesky

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn

Maricopa County Fair Grant

Sarah Holditch

 Zoe Dailey

Sarah Holditch

Gabrielle Petersen

Hannah Schaefer

Jamie Zahn

Summer Activity Scholarships

Madeline Cottrell

Sarah Holditch

Julia Werkhoven


Way to go Mavericks!  We had nine BV members presenting at the Western Show held on February 8th.   Congrats to Julia, Olivia, Madeline, Jolie, Emily R., Emily B, Nicci, Hannah S., and Heather!

EIEE Hippology & Demonstration
-A Great Experience!!
Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014

BV members, leaders, and parents shared a day filled with fun and learning! It was a great turnout as participants from several Maricopa 4-H clubs attended the EIEE events. "Demonstration" was hosted by the BV Mavericks and "Hippology" by Spirit of Queen Creek. This was a first-time experience in hosting for the Buena Vista Mavericks!  Thanks to all the parents, members, and leaders for working together to make this happen!

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work in preparing and exhibiting  for the events. Senior category BV participants, Heather G. and Emily B. placed 3rd in their demonstration.  Heather also placed first in Hippology.   Madeline C. brought home a red ribbon for Hippology and took 4th in demonstration in the Junior age group.   Way to go girls!  

Looking forward to more BV Maverick members participating in the Speech and Horse Bowl on March 1!

Mavericks Show Big at Western Spurs English Show!

Saturday's English Show, hosted by the Western Spurs 4-H club, was well attended by BV members.   It was a gorgeous day for competing and experiencing a great show.  

Congratulations to all who participated!  A high-five to Anna for High Point in Beginner; Madeline, High Point in Intermediate; Julia, Reserve High Point in Intermediate; Heather, High Point in Senior Advanced, and Jamie, Reserve High Point in Senior Advanced.

Way to Go Mavericks!